Show Off Your Roosters!


8 Years
Mar 3, 2012
I've got two roosters right now, and two that have passed away.

This is JD! He is a year old, a Belgian d'Uccle mix. He's very sweet with his hens and not aggressive towards me.

Alex is JD's father. He's three years old, and he is half d'Uccle and half booted bantam. He was living peacefully with JD and the hens until a few months ago, when Alex started attacking JD and one of the hens, so he now lives in a separate area, with a hen to keep him company.

My first two roosters are both gone now, and they were total opposites, but I loved them dearly.

Dixon was Alex's father, a purebred booted bantam. He was a beautiful silvery-blue color that didn't show up too well in photos, and he was as sweet as could be. He never hurt anyone. He passed away from an unknown illness, and it was very quick. That was years ago and I still miss him.

Georgia was killed just this month, along with two hens. Something broke into the pens and killed them. Georgia was the meanest animal I've ever known. He nearly killed his old bantam hens, so I had to get him some giant RIR mix hens so they'd be big enough to not get hurt by him. He attacked every person he ever met until his dying day, and I have scars from him. I don't know why, but I loved him. He was a Cochin bantam and he was five years old.

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