Show placing meaning?

Breeds are broken down into the Varieties ( i.e color, bearded, non bearded, etc) and then varieties are further divided by age (Cockerels and Pullets, and Cocks and Hens) The Judge places 1st-whatever placing the show wants in each age. Then the best of those compete for Best of Variety (BV) or Reserve Variety (RV). All the BV's And RV's then are judged against each other to become Best of Breed (BB) or Reserve of Breed. From here each breed within certain classes ( Largefowl are divided by their origin bantams by their Combs, and other features, Ducks and geese by size) compete for Champion of their class or Reserve. Then the SCCL, RCCL, Game Bantams, Featherlegs, AOCCL compete for Champion and Reserve Bantam. Largefowl the same with American, Asiatic, English, Continental, Mediterranean, AOSB for champion and reserve Largefowl. Turkeys just go for champion turkey. All of these will be judged against each other for Champion Landfowl. All the waterfowl will go together for champion Waterfowl and then these two will be judged against each other for Champion and Reserve Champion of Show.
But just to confuse matters, Bantam Ducks are judged against other bantams for ABA, can and be placed as Champion Bantam. So, sometimes there will be two champion bantams, one for ABA and another for APA. In APA, bantam ducks are judged with other waterfowl.
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