Show quality for Orps?

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    Hello. I am going to be starting 4H soon and was wondering what a show orpington, araucana and rhodie looked like. Also, some of my girls have white earlobes, is that an issue? Any info or tips you have would be very helpful.

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    White earlobes is indeed an issue.

    If you want to show according to the Standard of Perfection, the best thing to do is buy the book from the APA. [​IMG]

    Aside from that -

    Araucanas, real purebred ones, are rare. So the question is - Does you bird have a tail? Does it have fluffy cheeks or a beard? If the answer is yes to one or all of those questions, it's not an Araucana, sorry.

    Rhode Island Reds - A good show one should be very large in size, rectangular in shape, very very dark red in color, and have a very low tail set.

    Orpingtons - Again very very large, moreso than the others, very large, fluffy appearance, and no "pinched" tail or really apparent and bunny-like tail.
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    show quality Rhode island red bantam roo rose comb


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