Show Quality FRIZZLED wc black Pullet over wc black smooth Polish Pair


10 Years
Aug 15, 2009
Modesto, California
I have a pair of Bantam Polish up for auction. The pullet is 5-6 months old and the cock is around 4. You will receive one wc black frizzled pullet and one wc black smooth cockerel.

Shipping is $14.00 for a new shipping box and you will pay exact USPS Overnight shipping.

This is a buy it now. Whoever says they wants them and pays for them will be the winner. They will be shipped this Tuesday. If they don't sell within the next 24 hours I will keep them and sell them another time.

My birds are healthy and vaccinated for Marek's at one day old. Once they leave the post office I am no longer responsible for them. I can't guarantee their safe arrival. I doubt it would be a problem but by paying for these birds you are agreeing to the terms.

PM me with any questions.
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I am extending this one more day because I can get them to the PO on Wednesday. Payment must be made by Tuesday by 4:00 pm. I also lowered the price of the birds to $150.
Wow.. Wish I could snap them up they are beautiful but I've spent the chicken buying fond for the month!

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