Show Quality Serama eggs- any reccomended sellers?


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Sep 6, 2009
Carlos, TX
I'm looking for recomendations for Serama breeders that sale eggs. I'm months away from being ready to incubate eggs, but wanted to research it ahead of time. I'm worried about purchasing off of eBay- I already have "pet quality" seramas but was looking for eggs from TRUE typey quality Seramas. I was wanting to get a dozen or so eggs from the best bloodline I can find and then cull for hopefully keeping a trio.

Any suggestions of breeders selling eggs from Show Quality stock birds?

Hopefully I put tis in the right forum... didn't want to put it in the wanted/for sale area since I'm just researching and not buying yet.. figured this might be the right place since breeds, genetics and showing is discussed...

Thanks in advance,
I can tell you that BlueGrassSeramas has some beautiful birds. Search her here on BYC and then check out her webpage.

Good Luck
If you use Ebay, look closely at the pctures, every detail. Ask for more photos, but assume that the ones posted are the best they have. There is a forum on the SCNA website where you can get more info. I am going to begin showing next year with my flock from PPP,bev219, and BluegrassSeramas, so I will definately post how well they do!
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Thank you everyone. I have read alot on here about Blue Grass Seramas- they seem to have VERY good stock. I know it's usually suggested to buy adult (or subadult) birds to ensure what you get, but I wanted our family to hatch eggs and raise up the chick-I'm sure the kids would be thrilled to see the eggs hatch! Thanks for your advice.


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