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I have decided to enter some of my eggs in the our local fair, just for fun. I have never entered eggs and am not sure what the proper method of preparing them would be. I plan to choose only the cleanest and most uniform in size and color for each variety I will be entering. I will clean any surface dirt off of them. I read on one website to add a fine coating of mineral oil to the shell and was wondering if this is a good idea. Any suggestions?

There are typically very few eggs entered in this fair even those it is a large fair. The prize is only a ribbon, a small cash prize and "bragging rights". I am entering blue, brown and bantam eggs. I was hoping that my 3 FBCM pullets would be laying by next week, but it doesn't look good ~ maybe next year.

This is the only information given in the entry book for eggs...

Eggs must be product of the exhibitor’s hens

Class 1st 2nd
1. Best Dozen Chicken (white) Eggs $3.00 $2.00
2. Best Dozen Chicken (brown) Eggs 3.00 2.00
3. Best Dozen Chicken (blue) Eggs 3.00 2.00
4. Best Dozen Bantam Eggs 3.00 2.00
5. Best Dozen Duck Eggs 3.00 2.00
6. Best Dozen Guinea Eggs 3.00 2.00
7. Best Dozen Pullet Eggs 3.00 2.00
8. Best Dozen Turkey Eggs 3.00 2.00

Premiums will be paid only on variety of eggs listed.​
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I have no clue about this but I find it interesting. I will be watching with great interest. I hope you get may replies!
the thread title made me LOL pretty hard... the thought of a show just for eggs... hahaha...

but then i read your post... man that's very interesting... i even thought about the eggs my birds give... i wonder how a dozen of show quality eggs look like...
I hope someone out there has shown their eggs before and can give some hints.
I judge a number of fairs in the summer, many of which include egg classes.
What you listed is almost everything you need to do to prepare eggs for showing. The only thing you left out was freshness. The eggs you show should be as fresh as possible. You mentioned hoping for eggs from your 3 Marans pullets. Probably wouldn't work out well. It would be nearly impossible to get a uniform dozen fresh eggs from only 3 pullets. Don't rub the eggs with mineral oil.
Thank you so much for the information. I had my doubts about the mineral oil ~ it seemed like I would be altering the eggs natural color, sheen.

Based on previous years there are only about 5 or 6 entries in each chicken egg category and usually one or two in the others so there isn't much competition. It is a shame that there are so few entries as this is a large very old "Interstate Agricultural Fair" which unfortunately has become more like an amusement park with a lot of rides and food.

My FBCM are probably a month away from laying based on their small pale combs. Maybe next year for them.

I am also entering my honey and bees wax this year!
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I entered Blue eggs from my Ameraucanas, Bantam eggs from my Cochins and Brown eggs from my Wyandottes.

My Blue eggs and Bantam eggs both won First Place!
The Brown Eggs did not place in the top 3. I am very happy with the results for my first time showing eggs.



I also got a first place on my honey and second place on my beeswax!
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Out of curosity, how do they judge honey?

And bees wax? What do you do with bees wax? I know nothing about it, but for some reason it almost seems like something that would come in handy. LOL
I this show this is what they judged on...
Extracted honey to be judged on body, clarity,and cleanliness.
Beeswax to be judged on color and purity.

Some shows they also test the honey with a hygrometer which tests the moisture content of the honey and/or taste the honey too.



wow the prize money for the dozen turkey eggs doesn't make it worth the cost of what you could sell them as fertile hatching eggs or even to cook them up for breakfast.

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