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  1. AThoroughbredNamedBabe

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    Jan 29, 2009
    My kids show through 4-H. They show olde english bantams, standard cochins, hopefully some jersey giants, seramas and muscovy ducks. Do any of you have suggestions on bathing our white birds such as what to use when to do it before the fair? Also are there any cheap home things to be used to make the combs and wattles shine? I have seen some people spraying their birds with pam cooking spray. Is this safe? Any help would be great. WE have so much fun doing this. Thanks so much.
  2. barnyardmom

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    May 1, 2008
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    We use liquid bluing on our white birds, be VERY careful or the birds will come out blue. Practice on the birds that are not showing. But, the best way is to cage them, keep them out of the bright sun light (fading, bleaching effect) off of straw, and some say do not feed corn that it dyes the feather pigment, how true this is, I'm not sure.
    As for the combs and waddles, you can buy stuff to put on them. We use a little vaseline or vics. Bathe the birds at least 3 days before show, this will give them time to get their natural oils back into the feathers.
    If anyone disagrees with my advice, please speak up, I'm open to advice.
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    Quote:I agree completely. Good luck at the show. [​IMG]
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    Mar 3, 2008
    Our boys are hoping to show for the first time this year, too, and I'm sure there will be a white silkie in there somewhere... I'll be watching for helpful hints/tips here, too. [​IMG]
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    good advice...Pam won't hurt can eat it...main thing is to keep them in clean housing...usually shavings that get changed very often...easier to keep clean than get clean
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    I bathe my white birds the day before the show. That whay they're still squeaky clean the next day. I don't usually bathe my other birds unless they're dirty. I use baby shampoo.

    I'm sure Pam is ok, but use it sparingly, otherwise you'll make your birds greasy. Put olive oil on their faces and legs.

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