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  1. I have an older rooster and hes missing some toenails, we got him as an adult so don't know how he lost them, has very dirty toenails and spurs and his tail feathers are kinda ripped up. They are a little tangled and muddy. So I was wondering how to get filth covered nails clean and if his tail feathers can be fixed or have to wait until he molts. Also, when you get scored for the showing do you get marked down if their missing toenails??[​IMG]
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    Quote:Physical condition, feet, toe nails feather condition etc. all relates to conditioning and is a very large part of teh birds overall scoring.
    You can bathe the bird, if teh feathers have the ability to come back together they will otherwise you will have to wait until after a molt. While bathing him it will loosen anything built up on his toes and feet.
  3. Thank you, and I might breed him because even though he might not be show quality but I sure think hes beautiful!! And I want to show at least his young. He might have lost them to other birds as a chick because we had turkeys and chicks, the turkeys were sweet but they pulled some toenails off of my polish [​IMG]
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