Shredded paper in nest box/poop boards


Aug 22, 2011
Vancouver, WA
I have an unlimited supply of shredded paper and was wondering if it is safe to use in the nestboxes/or on the poop boards in the coop. Thanks for any info.
Well it could become a fly attracting mess if you don't clean it often. And if your chicks are like mine they will walk in it and get it stuck to their feet when it gets wet or dirty. Be sure it's the paper without print on it or the black ink will be a mess too.

Personaly I like sand for the manure box. Scoopable and doesn't stick to their feet when they walk in it.
I'm using the play sand from Home Depot. But any clean dry sand is good for the manure box.

I don't know about using the paper in the nest box. That may be fine. My pullet hardly makes any mess in there. But I've been using straw for that because she didn't like the pine shavings when I tried those. She turns around in the straw and forms a nest circle which is convenient for me to see the egg easier and retrieve it faster. But clean non inked paper would probably work there. You could try it. If it all gets kicked out you'll have your answer.
I tried shredded newspaper not suggest it.

I have just sand in my nesting boxes, so I arranged a circular nest of paper over one(the one they normally use) and left the other one sand. Both have weighted easter eggs in them. My hen (I have two, and the other one had already stopped laying for the winter already at that point, now I am getting no eggs.
) didn't mind using the paper, but the paper would get stuck to the egg as the bloom dried. Unlike the sand, which was easily brushed off, the newspaper stuck a bit and also left some paper stains behind. Not to mention my hens think newspaper is some strange delicacy...the shredded shape seemed to convince them even more that it was a treat. While they didn't completely devour it, they sure seemed to enjoy it once in a while.
I used shredded paper before and my hens hated it. They kicked it all out. My chicken house looked like a high school gym after a pep rally. shredded paper everywhere!!!!!!!

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