Shrimp is chicken feed

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    15. Save the shells from your shell fish to give the chickens. You will have the best tasting eggs by the following day and the yolks will be almost red. Plus extra calcium.
    Quoted from Roda_Bruce 's Why I come out ahead post on 8-7-2010.

    Thank you Roda, I had no idea. I just finished boiling 5 pounds of shrimp. The 1st thing I did was to peel a couple (I ate them) cool the shells down under running cold water and yep, you guessed it---run to the coop with them. My 2 very spoiled Princess SLW hens greeted the goodie lady with bok boks and we got down to business. I shredded them up while they eyed me suspiciously, then I put the shells in a pan. The girls stalked the pan and finally took a bite. Then it was on! they gobbled them down. While I was boiling the shrimp, I boiled them over twice because I was also peeling cantalope and making frozen treats for the hens LOL. Throwing away shrimp hulls will be a big no-no from now on in this house. I will now add a cookie sheet of shrimp hulls in the freezer for future goodies for my girls. (Freezing on a cookie sheet then bagging in a zip-loc bag prevents a solid lump of glop) Now I have to figure out how many shrimp treats it takes to make the yolks turn red. I can't wait for them to lay tomorrow, we're gonna bust some eggs around here until I get the ratio of shrimp peelings to red yolks figured out!

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    I'm SO glad you posted this - I was wondering about it the last time I made shrimp, but I didn't save the shells. Next time I'll know! I'm curious to see how your experiment turns out about the quantity to feed. Do you think they'd eat them whole, or do the shells need to be chopped up?
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    Wow, thats so interesting! [​IMG] Must give it a try, next time we have shrimp.
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    We don't eat shrimp often my neck of the woods [​IMG] . However when we do the shells go right in to the "chicken bucket" with all the other scraps. This "bucket" goes out to the girls every morning when I let them out for the day. So I don't grind them or anything. I used to think I had to cut up the apples or grind the broccoli stems. Nope! It takes them a little longer to eat but gives them something to do.
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    Quote:I shredded up the first shrimp shells, then later gave them a few more, right off the shrimp. I did not chop them up. The girls ate them up and licked their chicken lips for more.
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    I give them the shrimp shells and the heads with the eyeballs and antennae thingys still on it. It is hysterical to see the chickens all scrambling to get the heads and fighting over the eyeballs and then running around with them clucking. The kids really get a kick outta that!
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    Yesterday I broke an egg and one from a week ago into a bowl. I used my DH as the test judge. He immediately saw the color difference. YAY! (the simplest things make me happy) I have been giving my girls about 1/2 dozen medium shrimp hulls a day. The egg yolks are a darker orange-yellow than what they were before. They love the shrimp hulls and I am having fun with egg yolk color.

    Many years ago, a friend of mine raised canaries. She was able to change their feather color from light yellow to orange, almost red and orange with red patches just by giving them red bell pepper every day. When the canaries molted, the "new" colored feathers they grew were beautiful. Just thought I would throw that in. [​IMG]
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    Jul 30, 2010
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    I went out yesterday and bought 1/2 lb of steamed shrimp just for the girls. I couldn't wait to see their reaction when I threw them into the run this morning. They gave it a peck and were not interested. Now, several hours later, the shrimp is still laying out there. Oh well...
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    This is awesome! I MUST try this the next time we have shrimp. It never occured to me that they would like those. Mine are turning into little garbage disposals! haha It is such a joy to give them things from the garden with little bugs and watch them go to town.

    I wonder about the change in yolk, particularly about the impact on the nutritional benefits. Were these to be fertilized eggs, it would be interesting to know if the hatched chicks fair better in some way.

    Thanks for the (re):thumbsuppost!
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    Pigments in shrimp are pretty strong, if it weren't for shelfish, we wouldn't have pink flamingos!

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