Shrink wrap chicks. WHY??

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    Mar 13, 2008
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    EVERY TIME!!!!!
    I have incubated several times now and no matter what the humidity reads,Or how well the whole 21 days went, My chicks cannot get out of their shell after pipping bacause they are 'shrink wrapped' in them.
    My last hatch resulted in 3 needing to be rescued. I do not open the bator, the humidity is between 70 to 77 percent! So high that condensation is forming on the window.
    The hatch before that 2 hatched out and the rest died in their shell because they could not zip out, They couldn't move from the 'shrink wrap'!!!!!
    I now have 2 bators full of eggs and 1.5 weeks left to go. What can I do to make this one better???
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    I had one hatch that the chicks were shrink wrapped, and the humidity in the early days of incubation was very low. I figure that was the problem.
  3. MissPrissy

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    I don't know what causes that. It happened to some of my goose eggs too. [​IMG]
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    I had some in this hatch, but some of those were the ones with scallopped aircells, the shipped eggs. Many chicks hatched perfectly clean, though. Those happened to be the ones whose aircells weren't damaged by shipping. Why some will be shrinkwrapped and others will have the right moisture balance makes no sense unless it's location inside the bator. Still that explanation isn't satisfactory to me. I just don't know. If the entire batch was that way, maybe I could explain it, but I just cant.
  5. Frizzledhen

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    Feb 17, 2007
    Quote:Location in bator? I just finished a hatch. 42 eggs went in, on day seven 6 were clear and discarded. Day 20, pips all over in the bator except the 6 eggs directly under the fan. Day 21, all but 9 eggs hatched. The nine eggs were all nearest the fan.3 of those eggs hatched on their own, no porblem other than just a little late. 6 eggs remain. 4 have pipped but have not gone any further. Ok, one now has zipped and the little chick had dried in the shell by the time I found it. I helped it out and it is doing fine. Started wondering if the fan has anything to do with the other eggs not hatching. OK, I did the big NO NO. I opened the remaining eggs. 1 chick died early but the other 4 were all shrink wrapped in their shell and still alive. I helped them out too and all are doing great although their fluff is not fluffy but rather matted to their skin. My conclusion is, the fan is drying the eggs directly under it too much. I just set another batch of eggs and non are directly under the fan. I hope to get better results as far as shrink wrapped chicks.
    All in all, I think I had a pretty darn good hatch even if I did have to help a few chicks out.
    Wondering if anyone else has noticed the same with any of their hatches.
  6. MaransGuy

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    Depending on how your fan operates, it could be drying the eggs out. It still does not make a whole lot of sense with humidity that high though. The other thing to keep in mind is the composition of your egg shells. If they are very porous they could be drying out too quickly. I have the opposite situation with my marans. Their shells tend to be thick and the extra layer of pigment seems to slow their drying down quite a bit. I have to be careful to not incubate them too humid or I will have huge, weak chicks. When you candle, do you see an even shell or lots of tiny "clear" specks in the shell?

  7. Poison Ivy

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    May 2, 2007
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    I had that happen with a couple hatches in the beginning. I figured out for me the humidity was to low in the first 18 days. I have now bumped mine up to 48%-54% and on days 19-21 I keep it 67%-74% and keep the door shut the whole time they seem to pop out clean and easy.

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