shrink wrapped??? what do i do

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    so i have a sportsman hatcher. i have 70 eggs hatching now. i have alot of chicks that have already hatched and came a day early so i took out about 30 of them but still have the rest in there that were pipped my humidity is around 55% and cant rase it anymore do you think my chicks are stuck or are shrinked wrapped?
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    What day is this for you.A lot of mine was like that my last hatch.And it seems like it may be this way again.I am on day 20 and have not seen or heard anything,,,Nervous!!!!!!!,,,Worried,,,You name it I am that,,,Had to help some of my others out last time.[​IMG]
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    i know it's hard, but try not to open the bator. but i've been guilty of it plenty of times. when you open it you run the risk of shrink wrapping the ones who have pipped. i've had to help some out when i've shrink wrapped them. i just very very carefully take the top half of the shell off and i don't mess with the inner membrane. there are 2 membranes...the 1st one you see doesn't have blood vessels and it is fine if you take that off with the shell. but the 2nd one....the one closest to the the one with the blood vessels in it and you have to be VERY careful with that one. most of the time i dont even mess with that one, as far as getting it off. with my shrink wrapped babies i have removed the top half of the shell and then either wrap them in wet paper towels with a breathing hole....or keep touching their membrane with a wet finger to keep it moist. i found the paper towels to be better so that i dont have to keep opening the bator to wet the membranes.

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