Siamese Twins-Pictures inside!

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    Jul 2, 2009
    2 free siamese kitties for sale. They were rescued from a lady with over 30 cats and they were covered in fleas. They were raised from kittens so they are sweet but only on there own terms. The little girl is EXTREMELY tiny. The boy is on the small side. They are preferred to go as a pair but will go separate. The female would do wonderful in a home with no other cats but this one. They are over a year old. Both of them are litter box trained,and the female is fixed but the male is not. These kitties are located in Butler AL,located about 2 hours from Birmingham.Willing to meet somewhere.


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    OMG! I so wish you were closer to me!
    I adore Siamese cats but have a house with 6 now and though I would gladly add more, it sounds like they would be happier in a home without any cats. They deserve a great home. The only thing I like better than talking chickens is a Siamese cat!
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    May I suggest that you contact these folks:

    I've had many dealings with these folks over the years and they are wonderful. They have something called "The Meezer Express" and they can use it to help you find wonderful homes for those two.

    Good luck to you.

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