Sicilian Buttercups and Cochins


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Jan 1, 2014
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I simply LOVE the coloring of Sicilian Buttercups! So unique and beautiful!

(Image from Janicki Buttercups)

But I also LOVE the shape of cochin, preferably bantams.

So, how would you go about making a bird with sicilian buttercup coloring on a cochin shape bird? Would you keep (as much as possible) the cochin lines, to make a new coloring of cochin? Or would you mix breeds around until you had your own unique mutt 'breed' of sorts?
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Bantam Cochins come in so many color types that you should be able to find the Buttercup coloring or close to it in a Cochin line...then modify from there.

If you bred a Sicilian Buttercup to a Cochin, you would be fighting a lot of very different genes...body type, coloring, foot feathering and comb. The Buttercup is more game/mediterranean style, while the Cochin is round and heavy. You'll end up with every combination in between. You'll also eliminate the single comb of the Cochin but funk the Buttercup...I imagine working with the comb issue alone would take many generations. Body issues a number of generations.

So the easiest thing in my mind for your goals would be to find Cochins close to the color you want, then work from already have the body just tinker with the color...and that is much easier to obtain.

Take a look at the Crele color...also the Mille Fleur and Buff Partridge.

Buff roo over Partridge hen is good start. The buff carry 2 genes you do not need - Wheaten (Wh) and Columbian (Co). I am not sure if Buff Cochins carry Dark Broun (Db), that is gene you definitely need for Buttercup pattern, so if it does not pop up after second generation crossing back to Partridge, you should try to add it from somewhere.

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