Sick 1 year hybrid bovans nera

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8 Years
Aug 24, 2011
Our hen has been sick for around 5 days now - distended vent with white/green discharge that is hard to clean off, bare chest where she has worn away her feathers, wants to perch all the time. At first I thought that she must have egg peritonitus or be egg bound and we cleaned her up and isolated her. Having said that she did not feel swollen and we could not feel any compacted eggs. Until now she has been a regular and efficient layer of white eggs.
After a couple of days she perked up, her comb reddened again, so we reintroduced her back with the girls, anticipating her full recovery. Today she is hiding in the hen-house, perching and her vent still has the discharge and looks very red. Any ideas please?
An update for you on "Boot". I washed her and separated her again. She now appears to be full recovered and so I have re-introduced her with the flock. So what ever ailed her is a mystery!

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