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    Apr 30, 2017
    I brought home 2 emu chicks yesterday, both seemed fine but one was very sleepy. Today, he is very lethargic, keeps sitting back with his head to his chest and his little eyes closed. He's eating and drinking, but lots of diarrhea and I gave him a vitamin and mineral powder in his water but it seems like it might made it worse so I swapped to fresh water. I have terravet 10, tylan powder, and corrid all readily available if anyone thinks I should dose him with anything. I also have Nystatin topical powder 100,000 usp per gram I can mix in yogurt, just need to know how much. I can even get monistat if someone thinks that would work too. I have chickens and someone recommended that to me and it worked out ok, so u never know. But I'm just scared to do anything til I know dose info and the like. The guy who sold them to me was very helpful u til I asked about the behavior and medicine I fo. He just told me to keep them in heat and give more of that electrolyte powder but like I said, it only made it worse. Please, any info would be great. I just wanna do right by these guys. Thanks and God Bless[​IMG]
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    I would start with the tylan and corrid and see how he is in a day or two. Just give him everything if that doesn't seem to do anything, cover all bases, yes this could make it worse but what other choice do you have. Post pics of the chick and your setup. What are you feeding them? Are they around any other birds? Try to confine him and make sure the other chick is in a clean brooder. Sorry I couldn't help that much but that's all I got for now.
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    Apr 30, 2017
    Thanks I appreciate it. Do u know of the doses I should use on him? He probably weighs about 2 are the pics of the set up. They are currently inside with me with heat lamps and blankets for warmth. He's the one who's kind of spread out more.
    Slightly smaller than the other one. They are currently eating a combo of all stock and chick starter grower,
    non medicated. Our feed store doesn't sell ratite but the guy I bought them from said this would work too. He was very helpful, just need more help with the med dose info. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
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    How old are they and you do realize that their stools are naturally pretty runny?
    I would not throw a bunch of meds at this chick...get some vitamins, electrolytes and probiotics ( yogurt is a good probiotic ) in him first, then see how it goes. Rooster booster also carrries a good vit/elec/probiotic mix you can put in the water )
    If they are under 3 weeks of age it could be something as simple as retained yolk sac...however, IF it is, there's nothing you can do for it short of surgery that would be expensive and may not even work.
    Hope he gets better soon !
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    Apr 30, 2017
    Update!! Thanks for the info everyone. Good news on the home front. I figured out what the problem​ was. The guy I had bought them from told me to give them water with that vitamin and electrolyte powder in it and he told me to give more and yogurt. Too much can be bad though. I didn't do any meds but instead, removed the electrolyte​ water and offered fresh water. Within a few hours he was doing regular stools. I drink too much Gatorade and I get the poots bc of the salts so I just reasoned that was the issue and he's much better today. He's even perky enough to play with cat toys now, which is awesome. I hate medicating my birds unless it's life or death and I was really worried he was headed that way bc of the dehydration and lethargy, so that was why I wanted to get seasoned veteran opinions on this. I'm gonna keep them in the house with me for the time being and monitor them. im thankful for these amazing birds and the amazing people on this forum. Thanks again!!!
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    Oct 27, 2014
    I'm glad to hear he's perked up! So many times when a chick starts to go downhill, all the treatment in the world doesn't help. Glad this one is turning out ok.

    I'm not an emu owner, but I have read on this forum that many people feed their baby emus a lot of chopped up greens. It seems to be a vital part of their diet. You should look into that. It might make a big difference in the health of both of them.

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