Sick 2 year old Hen


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Apr 29, 2014
I have a 2 year old Barred Rock which is sick. Please help me figure out what is wrong with her. I got her as a chick from a Feed store (1 of 6 different breeds) last year. They all laid fine all year with no real issues. I introduced 2 Rhone Island Reds late last summer which where young but just starting top lay. I did notice the bigger Red usually has a loose discharge but she is very active and friendly, eats ferociously and lays well.

The last few days "Rock" is very lethargic and moves slowly. I do not believe she can roost any more (my birds have a bad habit of roosting on the top of a fence which I can not seem to break). She looks off balance and uncoordinated. She still eats but will lay down while eating. She has bad diarrhea which gets her feathers pasted. I cleaned her backside and noticed she is very bare of feathers and her vent sticks out about a half inch from her body. Today her droppings look undigested (looks like water and feed).


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Nov 27, 2008
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Inspect all your birds for lice/mites, check around the vent area after you've cleaned their rear ends. Then you'll need to worm your chickens. Purchase either valbazen liquid cattle/sheep wormer or safeguard liquid goat wormer. Use a syringe without a needle and dose your chickens 1/2cc orally undiluted with one wormer or the other. Repeat dosing again in 10 days. Toss eggs in the garbage 14 days after the last dosing.

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