Sick 2 yr old Buff Orpington

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    Feb 4, 2015
    My hen started acting funny last eve. She didn't come running for her evening treat that I give to call them in for the night. I had to go looking for her and found her under my brooding coop. Once I got her out she didn't seem as active as normal. I didn't think to much of it thinking that she was just sleepy or something. But this morning she seemed confused and somewhat lethargic. She also has a wet bottom.

    I'm still new to chickens and she is from my first bunch that we started with. I felt around her crop and underside to see if she felt different from the others. Her comb and waddles look normal her crop feels fine and her weight seems to be ok. However she does have a slightly swollen squishy abdomen. How do I tell if it's water belly, Egg peritonitis or impacted egg etc....?
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    Jun 23, 2015
    I just lost a hen to the same symptoms. With elderly hens (any hen over 2 is considered old because the energy they spend laying) it is their weaker body and lowered immune system that can cause any number of problems. Usually with impacted eggs the hen will sit in a nest box and strain or sit with their tail up but belly down as the egg is pushing on them. Some clear liquid may come out to try to help the egg slip out.

    With water belly, from what I've seen, it tends to be gradual and you will see your hen walking strangely and stop laying eggs for a few weeks before she passes, even months in some cases.

    I would make sure she is warm, safe, and not exerting herself. Offer her nutrient rich food and clean water. If her droppings are runny, greenish, or have little food in them I would guess a disease over a physical problem caused by laying.

    I'm not an expert on chicken diseases, but I don't want you to loose a hen like I just lost Captain.

    Best of luck! Hope she gets better soon!

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