Sick 2year old hen: help!

Urbana Gardener

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Dec 27, 2008
Frederick, MD
Our white rock hen, Emily, has become very lethargic. Hasn't eaten in 2 days. Was fine until yesterday, I thought. Haven't had an egg in a couple weeks but attributed that to her free ranging. They must be in the yard somewhere. Today, she won't drink either. Just stands alone and appears to go to sleep. Put some Epsom salt in water and forced down her throat. Cleaned her poopy butt and found maggots. Cleaned her up and dusted her. I tried putting water on her beak, she kind of drank a little. Found a small watery/mucusy poo, clear or white in color but very small. Husband just gave her some olive oil.
Got some piperazine at local pet shop. Southern states is closed. I dint know how to get her to drink worm mess. Any help is so appreciated.
The maggots make me think it could be an infection from being eggbound. Try giving her a warm bath and see if that helps her pass anything. I would give her some antibiotics for the infection.
A hen can get pecked and have maggots set in just because there is an open wound. You will probably need to keep her indoors until the wound heals, to keep flies off her, as the maggots will literally eat her alive.

Good luck.
An eggbound egg will have softened and will not be hard. I wouldn't recommend squeezing or handling her roughly because an eggbound egg can break open inside her.
I'm so sorry to hear that.
Thanks. We brought our 3 new 5 week old chicks out to he run today. A busy mind can't cry! They r very happy outside. A chicken wire fence seperates them from our last remining hen. I hate that Matilda, our only hen, is all alone. Onward!

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