Sick 6 month old hen


5 Years
Feb 15, 2014
Hi everyone,

My 6 month old chookie named C2-2 (long story short- she's named after another fabulous hen of mine whom passed away :( hence she's C2 number 2). Today I noticed her walking slow & not her usual perky & energetic self, & I noticed her falling asleep at some point while she was standing. I immediately though she may be egg bound so I gave her liquid calcium by syringe. She eventually laid today but she's still like that so we can rule that out.
I can't for the life of me figure out what's wrong with her! She's a baby! We feed her all the right things they live in a house that's constantly cleaned, she also has a rooster companion.....I don't know what's wrong she's just standing there :(
She hasn't been de-wormed yet, wasn't sure if I should now.
Anyone help please?
What does her poo look like? I've been battling Coccidiosis with my chickens. Check her from head to toe. Does she have a runny nose or eyes? Check her for mites. Is she eating or drinking? Have you recently gotten any new chickens? She's a bit old for Cocci but mine are too and they still got it.
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Oneof mine Did The Same Yesterday. I Wormed Her And This Morning She Seems Fine. I'mGoing To Keep Her Separate Of The Others For a Few Days And Continue The Wormer. i Always Have Electrolytes ForThem So i wasn"t WorriedAboutThat.
Her poop is white and frothy, no runny nose or mites or any other symptoms. She eats very little, drinks a bit too, but not the usual appetite she has. I'm going to deworm her today, with piperazine. Is that ok for her age?
Mine acted just like that when they had Cocci. There were all kinds of different poos but white and frothy was one of them. I have Wazine 17 and that is the Piperazine. I'd say it's safe to use on her.
It doesn't hurt them to treat for coccidiosis with amprollium (Corid, Coxoid, Amprol depending on your country.) You could also use a wormer such as fenbendazole or Valbazen which would get more types of chicken worms than the round worms that Wazine (piperazine) gets.
Oh Sorry I got this post mixed up with another one. I have Wazine which the active ingredient is Piperazine. It says not to give to sick or weak animals. When mine were sick I used equine horse wormer with the active ingredient being fenbendazole. That is safe to use when she's sick. I can help with dosage if you want/can get that. You can use liquid goat wormer. I don't know the doses for that. Someone on here might.
I have a broad-spectrum antibiotic called Sulfa 3 which contains - 120 g/L Sulfathiazole, 40 g/L Sulfadimidine, 40g/L Sulfamerazine. Would it be a good idea to use that? Or should I wait and see if she improves? It's night time here now so I can't check to see how she's doing but I will first thing tomorrow morning. I've got to check which other types of de-wormers we have available from the pet shop tomorrow.
What types of chookies do you guys have? I'm very interested in poultry & love to know about other people's chooks :)

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