Sick 6 week old chick---need help w/ ideas what could be wrong??

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    May 17, 2010
    Hello....I have four 6 week old chicks and yesterday when they were in their outdoor play yard I noticed one of them was puffed out and lethargic. I picked her up to find her butt all bloody. I cleaned up her butt and seperated her from the other chicks but now a day later she is not eating and barely drinking water. Also, she is not pooping regularly and rather has a white pasty discharge coming from her butt. Any ideas what could be wrong? I really hate seeing her suffer! Thanks

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    Jul 20, 2008

    Sounds like coccidiosis, a bacterial infection. The chicks can pick it up from the soil. Did you start them on an antibiotic chick starter, or regular chick food? Aureomycin or Terramycin antibiotics...don't quote me on that... i'm sure someone else will chime in!
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    If it is cocci then it is Corid or Sulmet that you need to treat with ASAP. It could also be something else and that the other chicks are picking on her vent because she is weak and an easy target. I would seperate her and treat with Corid, you can get it at Tractor Supply and most likely any feed store. You usually see blood in their droppings. I would treat everyone at one time, you add it to their water. You will find the dosage info if you search BYC, sorry I don't know it off hand.
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    Corid 9 - 10 cc per gallon of fresh water daily. Do this for 5 days.

    Note: 5cc = 1 teaspoon

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