Sick Ameraucana!

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    Jul 8, 2009
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    We have a 2yr (?) old Ameraucana.
    Diet is Layena.
    We feed them scratch and veggie scraps.
    Symptoms are droopy, limp tail. Can't seem to walk very well, very wobbly. Won't eat or drink. Closes her eyes a lot.
    We only noticed her symptoms today.
    None of the other birds are having issues.
    No signs of trauma or injury. Our coop and run are like fort knox.
    I've not noticed anything out of the ordinary with the feces.
    So far we've just brought her inside where it's warmer with food and water, but no change so far.
    She's not laid in quite sometime, but I think that ameraucanas def slow if not stop altogether in the winter...
    Housing consists of wood, mulch, and pine shavings.
    Only possible differences lately are they unplugged the waterer, so it was frozen possibly for a time? Food was empty as of this a.m. again possibly for a time? We do have some mice. But also, all the other birds seem to be fine.
    There is nothing coming out of her eyes, beak, or nostrils.
    She really looks normal apart from the aforementioned behaviors.
    Maybe ameraucana's are more sensitive?
    Any advice?

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  2. fatsuru

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    Apr 19, 2010
    I had a sick roo that had symptoms semi-resembling those your bird is having. I brought him inside a few days and pampered him. I think he had gotten to cold and was stressed out. I made a video and posted it because I was worried it was something bad.

    video of him and his symptoms

    I got from back yard chicken

    the sound of it your heading in the right direction by separating her and putting her into a warmer environment. Hope everything turns out fine for your hen
  3. UrbanChick30

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    Jul 8, 2009
    Denver, CO
    Thanks for your reply!
    As soon as I saw your post I heard her start eating in the other room. So that's hopeful!
    Maybe she really is just sensitive? Fingers crossed that some pampering is all she needs.

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