Sick and dying chickens.

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    Feb 11, 2015
    Last summer we had a few hens from a local breeder get sick and die. I sent one off for a necropsy to make sure that it wasn't Marek's disease. The results came back negative. About a month ago we had a healthy rooster all of a sudden get weak in the legs where he could not walk and he eventually died. Then last week a five-month-old cochin pullet started limping on one leg. She is eating and drinking perfectly fine except for the limp. I went to our local farmer's co-op and they said to try treating her with tetracycline in case she something that the other rooster had. I also started giving her a vitamin and electrolytes supplement. She is not getting better or worse. Another thing about her is that she is much smaller than the other hens wet got at the same time as her. I guess it's possible that she just injured her leg but it scares me because it seems like the others we have lost started with leg weakness. I just noticed that another five month old Cochin I have is laying around a lot today. I may be being paranoid but I don't want to lose any more. Any ideas on what this could be?
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    Have you learned anything yet about your hens? I have a silkie rooster that I got from a local farm about 3 or 4 weeks ago. I thought he was picked on by some of my bigger hens but I can't find anyplace on him that he seems hurt, but his left leg he keeps way out in front of him and has great difficulty with the right. It has been a week since it started, I brought him in the house and he is not eating and drinking on his own, I had to force him before. His legs seems a little better, I can bend his left leg under him but he can't stand it walk. I have been feeding him garlic and I think it has helped him but I don't understand what is wrong.
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    I just had a Silkie recover from not being able to walk at all. I feed her baby food through a syringe and so she wouldn't get dehydrated I gave her 50% gatorade 50% water through a syringe as well. I also gave her Nutridrench vitamins that you can buy at Tractor Supply. Of course I have her in the house so I would sometimes hold her up at a food bowl/water bowl so she could try to eat on her own. I also bought a baby plate and put her favorite foods ( rolled oats, boiled egg,and meal worms,etc.) securely in front of her even if she didn't eat it. Eventually she did begin to eat. I made a baby walker out of a cardboard box so she could feel like she was standing and also so she would not be laying on her legs constantly. I massaged her legs to help circulation. It took 3 months but she is completely better now! During her rehab I found that her and our other chickens had bugs. I'm not sure if this is why my silkie couldn't walk but I did read that if they have them long enough it can cause many problems including paralysis.So it wouldn't hurt to check for that.Around their vent area is the best place to check.If you don't see bugs check to see if there is any flaky white stuff at their feather shafts. This would be bug eggs. In fact I have a post about one of my hens gasping for air which occurred during the bug infestation. She is really struggling but I won't give up and don't you give up either.I hope this helps and good luck!

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