Sick as a Parrot


5 Years
Feb 26, 2014

I got my quails just over three weeks ago, and I have literally been ill since day 1. Unfortunately because they are young they are indoors but I plan on moving them outside any day now. I'm pretty sure I just had a cold at first but in the last week I've developed a hideous dry cough, which comes in fits and leads to occasional vomiting. I've never had this before, so was googling if an allergy to the quails could lead to this, and one website mentioned Psittacosis. It said the birds can show no symptoms, and several of the human symptoms (light sensitivity, aches etc) apply in small portions.

Has anyone any experience dealing with psittacosis before? I don't want to overreact and go to the doctor for a cough but I don't want to leave it to get worse if this is what it is. Is there anything particular I could look for in the birds to check if this is the case?

Hope someone can help!



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