Sick Broody?! Please help...


8 Years
May 31, 2011
Okay well I know how broodys are supposed to be... But today I noticed my hen had nasal discharge. Very light and clear but... To make things worse she's had diarrhea for a while. At first I thought it (the diarrhea) was stress related because I had to move her and her box and eggs indoors. She's held it in to the point I have to force her off (because she won't get off at all, can't leave it outside its too cold and indoors she won't even get off once every other day to go to the bathroom!) so I figured maybe stress and holding it like that would explain it...

But now there's nasal discharge and today after rather explosive diarrhea she would go and only a little would come out but I saw a tiny amount of fresh blood. Now I'm really worried, on the verge of crying my eyes out because she's my little pet chicken. I got eggs from a friend because she went broody and now I'm do afraid I brought in a pathogen via those eggs and may lose my little chicken.

Please if anyone has any ideas please share them, tomorrow I'm getting some antibiotics for her. I'm hoping the bloods because she holds it too long but then there's the discharge... I know I shouldn't freak out but I can't help it.
If its because of being broody if you love her so much, and this is just me, I would sacrifice the eggs and keep her off of them so she will start to walk around more and just start doing regular chicken activities. If she becomes like this when she goes broody then when I would never let her go broody. I understand if you want the eggs to hatch but if shes like this then she needs to stop going in her nest and holding it in. The nasal discharge I don't know if it happened to me then I would just relate it to the other problems. Also its OK your freaking out, I do the same thing, I freak out and over react SO SO SO much.
I'm glad i'm not the only one.

The chicks pipped 3 days early and I already have 3 out. She looks better today too, (i took her off yesterday and today, I figured if the eggs died they died my chicken would be ok.) Well turns out they are hatching early, and my precious Chicken is feeling a little better. The nasal discharge was clear and did NOT smell.

I think she was sick because of not going to the bathroom and after she went she began looking better. Hopefully by tomorrow the chicks will all be hatched and she will be OUT of that dang nest and getting healthy again. *lets out breath* At least its looking better.
Yay! Glad to hear that too! Post pics
The last few days before the chicks hatch and until all hatch broodies dont get off the nest. It is normal for them to get diarrhea and a little blood can be normal too(shedding of intestinal lining check the poop chart). She might even have some diarrhea for fews its disgusting. I had my first hatch from a broody not long ago and I was a little freaked out about the diarrhea but someone reassured me this is quite normal and her babies are now 5 wks old and all are doing fine.
I'll definitely post pics when I take them out for a little air with momma tomorrow ^^
All hatched (although once she had 7 chicks she kept lifting up to look at and the rest shrink wrapped. So I got my hovabator out and did emergency pips.) the littlest egg clearly wasn't going to hatch on its own. (shell was really tough and looking at the baby now it doesn't have much of an egg tooth anyways. It's my baby now though everyone else tramples it... So I guess I get a chick to hand raise. It's real tiny and I don't have the slightest clue as to what it's gonna be. Egg was almost white, very small and the chicks chipmunk colored)
One chick nearly died when the hen crushed the egg (my deciding factor to moving them)

So I got no sleep last night but all survived anyways so I guess my diligence and my Craigslist hovabator deal did pay off...

Extra excited because....

Their mama lets me "talk to them" and see them so it's pretty cool. I can sort of do the summoning cluck and even their mom responds to it... Am I roo?!?!

Anyways I'm glad she's sharing them a little.... XD

And my hen is looking perfectly healthy again... Everything has turned out alright. Haha I can finally relax ...a little.

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