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Oct 7, 2014
My budgie, Benji was in my room, with his cage door always open. When winter hit, my room started to get damp, and I found there was mould growing, so having to clean every couple of weeks. Benji's cere started to go dark in colour, kind of a dark grey / black, or blue? Can't remember... So I moved in with my father, and he had to go in the aviary. His cere started to go normal again, but lately it's a brownish, flaky like. I don't believe that is normal for males, as other ones in the past never had that issue. Is he sick, or am I just over-reacting? He is just over a year old, wild Budgie.
He is still eating, and isn't loosing feathers.
Picture was taken yesterday.
Is this picture after the result of sickness? Because if so the cere is not discolored it just means it's a hen. Males have blue ceres and females have pink to flakey brown. I think budgies show they're sickness by ruffled feathers, nasal discharge, and resting always on the bottom of the cage.
Did you say wild Budgie?
Yeah. He got to be quite sick, and his cere went a dark colour
Ref picture a month an a half ago

And it use to be blue. Sorry for the wet bird picture. I went down the road, and my brother saturated him as he got annoyed with my bird. But it's a picture where you can see his blue cere

It's been that darkish colour for about 4 months now I believe? 4-5 months.
It's not like the other female budgies cere though. As one is in season, while the other isn't. Benji has taken a liking towards one of the females. So is it just a possibility that Benji is a female then?
I've read up a bit, and usually they start to show they are sick from their cere, and when they go down hill, their feathers ruffle and nasal discharge and so on. But that's when it gets bad, for what I have read.

His cere has a bluish/greenish tinge in the middle, and the rest has gone that brown flaky colour. It doesn't puff up like the females cere when in season.
Yeah. There are English Budgies and Wild budgies. The Wild budgies are smaller than English.
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The first picture makes him look fine. I can see where the cere can indicate a problem(like the comb on the chicken) it just it first looked like a female cere to me. I know this happens in chickens but can there possibly be a gender change? Has there been any other symptoms? I had thought wild budgie meant you got one from the wild. I'm used to the term American Budgie.

This is my English Budgie (Joey) this month. You can see a maturity change.
This is my English Budgie in May (He's a cock)
Yeah. He looks a lot better than he did in August, but I am not entirely sure at the moment. It could be gender starting to show more of female, but it's hard to say at the moment.
He use to sneeze a lot when I was at the other place, but it was just mainly the cere looking really dark. I don't believe he sneeze's as much as he use to

Haha, sorry about that xD we call them English and Wild budgies. We don't have actual wild budgies here that I have seen, if there were, people would probably catch them and try to find an owner to it.

Ah yep, Benji's cere was similar to Joey's maturity change. Being a baby purple-like colour, then went to blue

Sorry for so many pictures
The first two are of him with blue, and then the 3rd picture is when his cere started to go very dark around the edges of the cere
If a male Budgie get a brown cere its usually a sign of Testicular cancer and or kidney disease
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If a male Budgie get a brown cere its usually a sign of Testicular cancer and or kidney disease
That was my first thought. I haven't seen any growth for Testicular Cancer yet, if it is that. But I haven't looked into Kidney Disease. Which I might do when I get home
i dont know how he is now but it looks sick to me.especially in the second picture .if there is a change in his droppings too you should go to a vet and ask(make a list of the changes you noticed and just ask).my opinion.
If the budgie is not showing signs of sickness but the beak changes colour, its normal, as the budgie will usually only show his/her true colors in the spring ormating season or when wanting to attract others. So if you get a budgie with a blue cese and that cese turns pinky brown or pink, your budgie was a girl all along

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