sick Buff.......advice needed!

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    Sep 1, 2008
    I have a little Buff that is acting off......yesterday she did not come out of the coop which I really didn't think much about because of the weather.....she finally came out today but is not her usual happy self......she is my most tame one that follows me around talking to me when I'm doing chores in their barn......she even likes to be held.....I noticed that when she did come out today she keeps jerking her head and neck, but she doesn't acted like she is choking.....she is breathing fine. It is really cold and extremely windy here today....15 degrees.....tonight when I went out to close up the coops all the other hens were in the one coop under their heat lamp and she was over in the other coop in the dark all huddled up by herself.......I have brought her in and put her in the dog kennel in our mud room.....she hasn't eaten or drank anything since bringing her in, maybe that is just because of the new surroundings and the pups keep going out there and watching her.....I finally shut the door and covered the kennel. She is just sitting at the back of the kennel now with her head all tucked down into her there anything I should give her? I have some vitamin B for my goats and I have some probios for the goats that I can put in her water......I was just thinking of what I could maybe give her tonight......I also have some Corid, don't even know if you can give any of these things to chickens. I've never had a sick chicken in the 3yrs. I have had them......she is about 10 months old. One more thing....her color is good and no runny eyes or beak.
    any advice is greatly appreciated!
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    I had a buff acting similar to yours. Had his head hanging down and couldn't walk and crop empty. Turns out the diet was not good enough for when they are confined to the coop. They were not getting enough protein. Plus orpingtons are not aggressive enough to feed themselves in among more aggressive birds. He was starving! Hand fed boiled egg and polyvisol for two days and he's good as new. I switched to layer mix and hen scratch with vitamin supplement in the water. No symptoms showing on any of the birds now.
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