Sick Buff Orpington Pullet


10 Years
Jul 1, 2009
Aiken, SC
My 15-16 week old BO pullet, Pearl, is acting a little under the weather. She is very lethargic, carries her head tucked close to her body and her tail down. She's still eating and drinking, but not with great enthusiasm. Today I noticed a small amount of runny greenish poo on her bottom (a few drops). When I visit their yard, she will come out to visit me, but long after the other six are running around me begging for treats. She seems to want to stay in the coop, huddled in one of the nest boxes. I put a dish of feed and some water near her to encourage her to keep eating and drinking but I don't know what else to do. I would appreciate any advice.
I would keep her separate not only to watch her but to make sure she won't spread any illness to the other chickens. Give her food and water and keep a close eye on her. What color green is her poop? A yucky green or a neon green? A neon green poop is concentrated bile and it means she is starving to death. Check her crop. How does it feel? Is it hard or soft? Full or empty? Does it feel like it is filled with tangled grass?

Keep her hydrated even if you have to use a dropper to give her the water. Make up some soft food like her pellets mixed with gatorade to make a mash or try scrambled egg. See if she will eat that.

Get back to us with the poop status.
I have a huge dog crate that I can put her in for a while. I just got a glimpse of her bottom today, there were a few drops of poo sticking to it and my impression is that it was a bright green rather than dark, but I'll take a closer look tomorrow. She seems very willing to eat. I'll try the gatorade mash and the eggs. My seven hens have a 60' x 60' enclosed yard and a bout 3/4 of it is grass. All my chickens love to eat grass. I hope she hasn't got a blockage.

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