sick Chick need help please.

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    Nov 1, 2008
    I have two six day old chicks.
    I noticed that the silver laced is not eating very much,
    and had caked poo on her butt.
    So yesterday I ran warm water to soften and remove it.
    When I checked on her this morning she has more caked poo
    and is unstable after setting her down.
    she feels lighter than the other chick and is chirping constant.
    the other chick is perfectly fine.
    when I hold her she closes her eyes and pants some.
    Seems to be getting lethargic.
    I am very worried.[​IMG]I need some advice please.
  2. vicegrip

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    Feb 21, 2009
    Mena AR
    No expert here but sounds like pasty but has caused your problem give here some time to clean out and check for pasty but as much as possible. Somebody with moor experience will post and help better than I can Good luck.
  3. Chicken Fruit

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    Feb 25, 2009
    Echo Homestead
    Use a blow dryer on her. Hold her in you rhand and alternate between cool and warm, or keep it moving enough so she doesnt burn, until her little core temperature is up a little. Sick chicks get cold, cold chicks get sick.

    Put her in her own little area in the brooder, where she can get warm and cool a sneeded, and give her some sugar water, dip her beak in it a couple times. She needs to flush out. make sure she has plenty of food.

    Other than that I dont know what to tell you. You can try giving her yogurt but if she's not eating well you'll have a hard time getting her to want to try it.

    FRENZY In the Brooder

    Nov 1, 2008
    thank you amosunknown for your sugar water
    advice,my chick went from laying on her side to now standing.
    she is drinking on her own but still will not eat.
    I called the store that I bought her from and asked if
    they had any antibiotics.
    And the guy said that they do not carry any.
    and that a chick dieing is a part of mother nature.
    ok.well I am doing every thing I can,And so far so good.

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