sick chick - soft area at neck


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Sep 7, 2013
I posted in the chick forum about some sick chicks I have, and bought medicine to treat Coccidiosis this morning. One of the chicks is on its last legs, however, and I noticed this morning that the patch just under its neck is very soft and largish. Is this a symptom of something else? I'm trying to research problems. I wish I could help this little girl!

Thank you for the help!
Is the soft patch different than its crop? The crop is located on the chicken's neck, on the right side. Since it is a sac to hold food before it goes into the gizzard it changes size and feel depending on how the bird is eating.
Thank you! I'm guessing they all have Coccidiosis. I lost the one with the largish crop yesterday afternoon. But I've lost several others as well, and her crop was the only one that felt that way. I have been putting apple cider vinegar in their water since we got them.

So I'm treating the whole group with Corid now, and hoping for no more deaths. :-(
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