sick chick..what is it??


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we got very young chicks from the feed store yesterday. this morning one of the chicks is having serious problems. it flops on its back and flails around. when it get right, its spazes out wildly and cries out in distress. we can hold it and calm it down, but its head continues to bob up and down up and down up and down. i feel really bad for the little girl. i really dont know what to do....please help!!
Do you know how long they had the chicks before selling and is it supposed to be a bantam or standard? Are you feeding medicated feed? You could try giving it a little sugar water for start. If that doesn't help then I would go back to the feed store for antibotics that you can put in the water. Hope that helps.

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well, they were still unpacking the chicks when i got there. it takes me a few hours to drive home. i had the heater running high the whole time but they were still kind of cold when i finally got home. i warmed them up proper and they all seemed fine.

they are standard and there is a variety. rir, glwynot, slwynot, americuana, and barred rock. one of the barred didnt make it:( the other is struggling. the origanal sick gal is an ameriucana. we have been hand watering the sick ones. this seems to help

the food is not medicated-just some organic chic starter. i have been adding electrolytes/mineral supplement to all of their water. the guy at the store said it would be fine. do you think i should get antibiotics?
also, they seem to be having a hard time swalloing. they throw their heads back and wiggle their toungs around. when we hand water them they will drink, but some of the drinking involves gagging and throwing it back up.
It sorta sounds like to me that maybe they got chilled during shipping. I had that happen to some Japanese Bantam chicks that I purchased and were shipped to me. I don't think a little antibiotics in their water would hurt but on the same hand I'm not so sure it will do anygood. I would make sure you keep them in a nice warm brooder and maybe they will pull out of it.
I think Iwould also talk to the feedstore about a possible refund.
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