Sick chick?


Jul 21, 2016
Southwest PA
My chicks are 4 days old today. When I got up I noticed that one of them was making a sort-of distress call. Instead of th normal peep, she's making a chirp-chirp-chirp sound. It's not any louder than the others. They have food, water, and appear warm but not too warm. Everyone is doing their thing. When I did my pasty but check for the morning I discovered this:

I know it's where the umbilical cord was attached but the other chicks only have tiny little scabs that you can't even see unless you look through their fluff. It looks like it might be necrotic around the edges. She was eating earlier. I don't want her to suffer. What do u guys think I should do?
Apply some betadine or Vetericyn to the umbilical stump. Try to give the chick some water with SaveAChick electrolytes, pedialyte, or even Gatorade. If her stump changes or gets worse, I would separate her in a little box still in the brooder with her own food and water, just in case she has omphalitis. It is probably nothing to worry about though. Here is some info about it:
I think that could be what it is. The area is dry not moist or draining. I'll try what was suggested in the article. Thank you.
Hi I just wanted to update on Rocket's condition. She stopped doing the distress call and is now "peeping" like the others. She is also very active, and although she is the smallest of the 16 chicks, she muscles her way in for treats. I think the electrolytes really helped. I just used pedialyte unflavored. I decided to leave the umbilical site alone since it was dry and scabbed. I check her bottom more frequently than the others and she did have pasty butt for a few days but that seems to have subsided. Tuesday will be their one week Mark ant they are all going strong. Thanks everyone!

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