1. Big Sky Chick

    Big Sky Chick In the Brooder

    Feb 28, 2012
    Townsend, Montana, US
    I hatched eggs for the first time this year. Of the 15 that went into the incubator, I ended up with 1 surviving chick. S/He has been strong and healthy for 5, almost 6 weeks now. A week after s/he hatched my McMurrarys order arrived and all arrived in great health and the whole bunch has thrived. This weekend, they left the little brooder and went into the greenhouse (the brooder house). It's got no drafts, heat lamps and the temp is rock steady. All the other chicks are doing great but the hatched one began acting lethargic yesterday. S/he stands or lays in the straw and looks like s/he sleeping. Today s/he was found laying on its side. It holds one eye closed. It does react when picked up but not with any vigor. There's nothing wrong with the eye, breathing is normal and not labored. No nasal discharge or any other outward signs of illness. I have it back in the little brooder with food and water to see what happens. I'm playing the waiting game, but . . . .

    Any suggestions or words of wisdom?

    Big Sky Chic
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