Sick Chick!


7 Years
Apr 25, 2012
We've just gotten our flock through with having cocci & now i have one hen that is lethargic, has an empty crop on the roost tonight & appears to have vomited. she was acting normally two days ago, but has been sleeping each time I check on her today. I'm still medicating their water with "Duramyacin". Last week I lost five birds to scours. all got better once medicated, but this one is sliding down hill again. Any suggestions?
It may be too late for her. Cocci can have deadly effects even after the load is cleared. A bird too badly affected will have lesions all through the GI system. They cannot absorb nutrients through those damaged parts of the GI system until those lesions heal. Sometimes that doesn't happen quick enough to save the bird.

What did you treat the cocci with? I am not familiar with using Duramycin to clean up cocci. I generally use Corid or Sulmet.
The Duramyacin-10 is the brand name. The chemical is tetracycline hydrachloride. When I described the symptoms at my farm store this is what they gave me. It is a water soluble, yellow powder. It cleared the symptoms over night in all the rest of the birds, but this one just didn't rebound as well. I suspected her problems may have been left over from last week. As far as the Cocci, I'm not even sure that is what we had. It just matched the symptoms I had seen described on here. I will watch her today & if she doesn't improve I won't let her suffer long. Poor girl, she is one of our friendliest ones. Thanks for the advice.

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