1. farmgirl1225

    farmgirl1225 New Egg

    Jan 15, 2013
    We started off with six chickens a year ago, and recently added 8 more to our flock. (6 from one farmer and 2 from another). A few of the new chickens (from the farmer who sold is six) are eating and laying well but have very smelly runny greenish stools. The other two newer ones have very dirty bottoms all the time. We didn't notice any of these symptoms when we first got them. We've had them for a couple of months now and these symptoms just seem to have developed recently. Also, one of our original six hens appears to be very sick. At first i attributed it to molting or being pinned down too often by our roo, but today i noticed she was having difficulty standing (stumbles when she walks) her head is tucked in, her beak is open, and her eyes appear watery and hazed. Any ideas???
  2. chickenladylaur

    chickenladylaur Out Of The Brooder

    It's tough to say whats going on with that hen. It's not terribly uncommon for a hen to develop those symptoms and within a couple days fade fast. Is she very skinny and boney when you pick her up? Lots of times, weight loss will accompany a sickness like this. I think your best chance at this point, is to separate her in a comfortable spot where she has plenty of access to her own food and water. Then go to your local tractor store and pick up a packet of electrolytes and vitamins as well as a packet of terramyacin (preferably) or duramyacin. IF you mix these things into the hens water and encourage her to drink by dipping her head in, it might help. These are antibiotics and if she has any kind of coccidiosis or infection, it might do the trick. It has saved some of my chickens in the past that were experiencing some of these samew symptoms but its never 100%. Good luck, let me know how things go!

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