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    Nov 5, 2014
    2 chicks survived the hatch, they are about a week old. The first one has some curving to her toes (claws, feet, talons? Sorry I'm a newbie) but other than that fine. The second one no problems at all. Yesterday I kept find the first one on her back and very check, second one pecking her, but I assumed it was because she had fallen im some food and it didnt seem violent. this morning I found the first ones eye all bloody and she on her back again. I have separated them but I was wondering what I can do help the first one and if this was normal for 2 chicks to fight
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    The chicken flopping over on it's back sounds like it may not make it. This is a sign of stress, and possible neurological problems. I would dip it's beak into vitamin/electrolyte water as often as possible in case it is dehydrated or has a vitamin deficiency. Strong chicks tend to pick on weak ones. I would try to get the only healthy chick a mate if the other one dies. If the weak chick recovers, I would try to tape or splint toes to straighten them. Here is a link:
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