Sick chicken help?!?!


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Apr 13, 2015
This is one of my 8 month old white Wyandotte's. She's been laying for a few weeks now. Since Saturday she's been fluffed up, droopy and won't leave the coop. Also her waddles and comb are pale. She is eating but not drinking water. She does have green fecal matter around her vent. Any ideas if she could be egg bound or what I should do? First experience with a sick chicken.
I'd isolate her in a wire crate and try to get her to drink....
....soak feed in lots of water if nothing else to hydrate her.
Clean up her butt and take a good look at vent and abdomen.
Monitor her droppings.
She could have worms or eaten something toxic or...?
Do you free range?
What are you feeding?
Have you checked her over for external parasites?
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You can check inside her vent an inch or so for a stuck egg. Have you found any soft or broken eggs from her before? Give her some vitamin and electrolyte water, such as SaveAChick. Dip her beak into it to make her drink. You can also add water to her feed. Check her crop for impaction, and to make sure that it is emptying. Look her over for lice and mites. Has she been wormed recently?
I'm not even 100% sure that's she has started laying yet. But I have found some broken eggs in the nests. I brought her inside and she's in a crate. I do free range but they haven't been out lately with our crazy weather. I feed them Purina Layena crumbles but do give treats like oatmeal, scrambled eggs, fruits and veggies. I massaged her crop but didn't feel anything out of the ordinary. I also didn't see any mites or bugs.
It is very easy to check for a stuck egg. Put on a rubber glove, and insert one finger an inch inside. She could possibly have some internal problem with her reproductive tract, such as internal laying or egg peritonitis. Those are more common in older hens, but can occasionally can occur in younger pullets. If you feel a stuck egg, place her in a humid warm place such as a spare bathroom with the hot water turned on.

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