sick chicken- need help+ideas...

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    I went out to feed/water our chickens this morning and found one of our Easter Eggers just kind of huddled in a corner. I picked her up (and she felt kind of light- but to be honest I haven't picked the chickens up in a couple weeks- so I may be wrong...) She was very listless and promptly fell asleep in my arms. I set her down in the grass and she stumbled slightly and then stopped and closed her eyes.

    (sidenote: my family was very sick with a cold/flu the past two weeks- and I didn't spend a lot of time with the chickens/watching them as I was focused on caring for my sick kids and fighting off the cold myself, but looking back- I think this chicken has been feeling "off" for a while... She was acting a little weird a couple times when I went out to feed/water them- but it didn't really register as weird at the time... and then last night my husband said "one of the chickens is down below" (first floor of the coop- not where they sleep/roost) I assumed the chicken just hadn't made her way up yet, but it looks like she slept there all night- and the wood chips in that area are wet w a bit of blood... Also, in looking at our stash of eggs, it's been at least a week since we've gotten an egg from her)

    We have her sequestered in the lower part of the coop (it has two levels) to make sure none of the others pick at her... She has clean bedding, water and food (their regular feed along with a bowl of soft corn and black beans (her fave) In getting her settled into this area- I noticed that she has total "nasty butt" - her vent is unobstructed- but it's super gross all around. A couple hours later I checked on her again- looks like she's eaten a bit of the beans + corn- and may be a little more alert. She wanted to step outside- so I let her do a lap around the outside of the whole coop. As she walked she pooped- it was clear/white liquid and smelled really foul. She slowly made her way around and back up to her little room.

    In reading extensively it seems like maybe it's vent gleet? Or... I don't know. I feel like it could be any number of things.

    I'm torn on the whole taking her to the vet thing. She is my son's favorite chicken- but I really don't have $500 to drop on a chicken right now...

    I'm planning to feed her some plain yogurt and maybe give a bath with epsom salt (just to clean her up)... any other ideas? This is our first year with chickens and our first sick lady... Help please!

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    Hi & [​IMG],
    There are several chicken diseases that she could have. Unfortunately when a hen has been sick as long as your hen and is light weight because it has not been eating, it will probably not recover. The fact that your whole family has been ill concerns me. It is possible to get sick from a chickens illness. Please take it to a vet for a necropsy ASAP and make sure you tell the vet that your family has been ill.

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