Sick Chicken-- Not Pooping, Eating or Drinking

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    Sep 25, 2015
    Hey yall

    I'm new to chicken raising and currently have 4 chickens- they are all about 7-8 months old

    One or my Plymouth Rock chickens began laying about 10 days ago... Was doing great, laying an egg a day and natural leader of the flock

    Wednesday afternoon she began stand hunched and isolated from other chickens, not eating, not drinking, lethargic, next to no movement. She did get up and roost that night... Thursday same thing, I knew something was off. So I ran all the protocol to check for an embedded egg, no egg-- well not that I could feel (also did warm batch and vaseline with no results). I began reading more to see what it could be. Her respiration sounds good, no weezing or coughing.

    Today I began to massage her crop and she spit up 3 different times :( I've tried using a syringe for water in mouth, soft solids... nothing- She hardly lets me open her mouth. I even tried using a little stool softener to see if it would help move things along. Nothing.

    She looks very uncomfortable and I don't know what else to do.....I imagine her not pooping, eating and drinking for almost 3 days is a horrible sign!

    Any last suggestions?? Thank you all in advance for the advice---

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