Sick chicken... Not sure what to do

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    May 27, 2015
    My speckled Sussex appears to be sick. I noticed 2 days ago when I went out to feed them that she was acting funny. She seemed cold, keeps ticking on leg up and feathers all fluffed. I have 15 chickens so not sure if she has been laying or pooping. But her waddles and comb are dull red not bright red and her legs are super cold and really pink when normally they are whitish... She ate some scraps of bread I tossed to her this morning. She just isn't acting right and I'm not sure what's going on. Anyone have any ideas. Also I live in Pittsburgh and I am wondering if there is anyone else on here with more experience who also lived in the Pittsburgh area. Thanks so much.

    Here are a few pics I just took this morning.



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    I'm nowhere near Pittsburgh but I can make a couple suggestions where to start with her. It would be a good idea to bring her inside in a hospital cage or dog crate, whatever you might have. That way you can keep her warm and observe her droppings, how much she's eating/drinking and general behavior. Also check to see if her crop is emptying overnight like it should. Check her carefully for lice/mites. Have they been dewormed? Give her a careful, all over body check. See if she feels thin or has any lumps or swellings or any lower body bloating.

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