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    I had posted a plea for help with a sick pullet. I thought I would post an update, hoping that something we did might help others.

    The sick pullet is seven months old. I found her under the coop. She was puffed up, very pale (comb and wattles pinkish yellow) and unsteady on her feet. No nasal or eye discharge, her eyes were not swollen and she wasn't itching. She kept her beak slightly open and would act like she was swallowing from time to time. She had a little diahrrea. I tend to think she had something with her stomach. I think she might have eaten a slug. My girls free range most days for at least an hour or so and they rummage through the leaf litter a lot. I know slugs can make them sick and the lack of discharge from nose or eyes made me think it wasn't respiratory or a cold.

    We took her indoors and put her in a dimly lit room, in a box. She stood there and did not move. The first day, initially, she would take a little water from a spoon. I took advantage of her beak being slightly open and gave her water by spoon. I was very careful doing this and did not use an eye dropper to force her because I heard that you can accidentally get water in their lungs. Later in the day she began to drink from her water bottle. We switched her over to Pedialite. She did not eat.

    The second day she was doing better Began to eat. She was probably 60%. We tried to reintroduce her to the flock (2 other Brd Rocks and 3 Rhodies). One of the Rocks (Alice) went at her a little but then the alpha female (a Rhodie named Chico) came over and at first looked very intently at her. Her beak was literally 1cm awy from Brucie (the ill Rock) and then she grabbed her by the wattle. I was right there so I swatted her away but she became intent on Brucie and tried to flog her so I grounded her while my son led Brucie away and Chico tried rather ferociously to get awy from me at go for her...she did not take her eyes off her. I decided it was premature to try beinging Brucie back so I took her back home.

    The third day Brucie was much, much better. In the morning she jumped out of the box we were keeping her in. She was walking around the house cooing. She was probably 80-85%. I decided to give it another try at reintroducing her to the flock. I played with the idea of seperating the coop/run so she would be safe and keep her with the girls she did get on with. Decided that wasn't feasible. Interstingly, Chico payed little attention to her. Alice (the other Rock) still chases her around and nips at her tail feathers as does one of the other Rhodies (Sandy). This behavior seems to be sorting itself out.

    Tonight is her third night back in her coop and I think everything is good. She isn't laying yet but that is okay. I am much more concerned that she is healthy, the eggs will come back in time.

    I am willing to share anything I can of what I did for this sick girl. I hope this experience is helpful to some of you!

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    Thank you.

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