sick chicken?? please help

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9 Years
May 2, 2010
Hello, one of my chickens is very listless. She won't run around like the others. (They are part-time free range and part time in coop). She just lies around. She does eat, it seems. But she has no energy. I'm not sure if she is laying. She is only about 7 months old. Any ideas? I plan to try and take her to a vet, if there is one that sees chickens around here, tomorrow (Monday). In the meantime though, I am very concerned about her.
i am no expert but how long has she been lethargic? one of my girls had a lazy couple days, i became worried and contacted a friend (expert chicken lover)...she said to feed her a few grapes to give her energy. so i cut em up, bite size and it did the trick.

good luck, keep me posted.
To hold her over till you get to a vet or knowledgable chicken friend I would suggest mixing sugar and electrolights in her water. Sugar goes into effect immeadeatly and the electrolights kick in later. It's a trick I have had luck with for my chicks.
Like Dbaas asked how long has she been like this? Is she molting? Has she started laying already? Does she appear to be uncomofortable?
thanks so much for the quick help. will feed her grapes now.

she just looks...crumpled. and is not energetic at all. she had a little water on her own, pecks around but then falls asleep in a heap. She seemed to be sneezing the other day....
comb looks red. she was laying for sure recently. last few days maybe not....
bumping my own thread here.
anyone else?
She is really listless. Can't see how she will make it up to her roost tonight. I tried to soak her bottom in warm water - as I hear that's good if she was egg bound. When I put her down after holding her, her legs kind of gave out underneath her. It was very sad. Any ideas? I hear there are no chicken vets around here and it's hundreds of dollars to take them to "normal vets." I will inquire tomorrow. But, for tonight, I would love more thoughts. I feel so bad for our sweet girl. Three others in the flock, all seem fine. COuld this be worms? Cancer? what?????
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