Sick chicken(s)?


Apr 10, 2022
So a while ago I posted about how I think my chickens are sick. They did get better for a while and I think I determined what caused it. My neighbors fumigated for mosquitoes and when ever they spray they get sick. They were laying but now they've stopped idk if it's sickness or it's because it's 101 farenhight on a cool day. And some of them are getting picked and I can't figure out who's doing it? On of the girl a salmon favorell is sneezing more than the others today and shaking her head alot and idk what to do.
Hot weather can affect productivity.

Did your flock have respiratory symptoms before? How did you treat them?

Any mucous from the nostrils, bubbles in the eyes?
Crop emptying?
Yes they have we treated them with probiotics and electrolytes and gave them some antibiotics. Now we are giving them vet rx plus the probiotics and electrolytes.

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