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Jul 31, 2021
My girl is panting heavily, has a pale dehydrated comb even though she's drinking, doesn't move when I approach and has a poopy bottom. I'm worried that we could have made her sick when my daughter fed her some dehydrated meal worms. The bag is sold as treats for chickens and she was fine before. Also, she hasn't laid an egg for a while but its been beastly hot here. I do have an indoor enclosure to put them in during the heat of the day. They're spending the night in there tonight. I saw a post about giving a bath, which I will do. Would be grateful for any advice.
Thank you!
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How hot is it there? Is she a bit overweight? Dose she hold her wings away from her body and pant? Is her crop empty and flat, full, hard, or puffy? Does she lay eggs? Is she molting? I would clean off her dirty vent area by removing dried poop and soaking her in a bucket with mild soapy water. Check for any maggots around her vent, which can cause flystrike.
Flat pans of shaded cool water can be helpful for them to cool their legs. A fan directing air through and out of the opposite end of a coop can help air circulation. Shade is helpful, and bushes, trees, shade cloth, or tables can provide more. Electrolytes in the water for a day or two may be helpful, but always have plain water too. Chickens may overfeel their crops with snacks. Make sure that she has grit available. If her crop is full, try giving her a tsp of chilled cocnut oil chopped into small peckable pieces.

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