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    Im wondering if I have a Chicken with a cold. She is holding her head in a funny sideways posistion and twisting her neck around as if she were going to spin her head in a complete circle. Some one told me she could be "congested" and have a cold. She is eating and drinking. Just acting odd. Or should I be concerned its Wry Neck??

    Any advice?? How should I treat it?

    Thank you!

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    My first thought was wry neck. I'm going to contact a moderator on your behalf and ask that your thread be moved to the emergencies section, where you'll likely get more help.

    Good luck to you and your hen.
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    Thanks. I posted it there too, but no responses.
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    Sounds like wry neck, what are her other symptoms and her age? there is a sticky at the begining of the emergency/disease thread, would you please fill it out, would help alot.
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    She acts fine, other than her neck being twisted in a funny posistion. She is eating (sideways) and drinking water and acting otherwise normal. She can hold her neck in a normal posistion, but she keeps twisting it from side to side acting like she is going to twist it in a complete circle! weird?! She is 7 months old. A Isa Brown.
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    Have you researched Wry neck theres are some things you can do to help her. look at right side of this page at Google custom search and type in Wry neck. hope this helps.
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    What kind of vitamins do I give her and how do I give them to her? Is she okay to leave with the other chickens since she is otherwise healthy?

  8. Miss Lydia

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    The only reason I wouldn't leave her is because of the other picking on her. Here is some of my collected info on neurological symptoms of crookneck/limberneck: … 1160928615

    re vit. supplementation:
    Please note that vitamin E (at therapeutic dosage) is absorbed only in combination with selenium (the two are interdependent on each other)... if there is a malabsorption issue in general this will also affect absorption and therefore it is a good idea to give a general supplement like Avia Charge 2000 ...
    Vit A (in excess ) will negatively affect uptake of vit E so you should not use the Polyvisol in combination with the vitamin E/selenium as a general rule.
    here is where I store my links and information:

    this is some info I looked up for you not something I researched.
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