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    Dec 6, 2010
    In July I had a 6 month old Silkie hen that started falling over and stepping on her wings she couldn't keep her balance so I took her into the garage for 2 weeks,she seemed to improve so I put her back into the coop then in September she started doing the same thing all over again so I separated her again this time she didn't recover I found her dead one morning.Now I have a 8 month old Java rooster acting the same way there has been no sign of sickness he was fine Friday night and then on Saturday morning he was fine at noon I went to check for eggs and he was on his back I thought he was dead but when I turned him over he was fine he just couldnt stand up so he spent the night in the garage this morning he is still the same Help!
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    Aug 3, 2011
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    What have you been feeding them?
    Any way they could have gotten into bad/ moldy feed?
    What color is his comb? A nice red/pink, or is it very pale?
    How about his poops?
    And Welcome to BYC, We'll try to get this figured out, too bad it's thru an emergency post like this.

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