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    Jan 28, 2012
    I have a one year old hen... She is not moving around very much and her come has turned blueish black and has labored breathing. I fed her water with electrolytes through a staw and she swallowed it fine and she has pecked at insects when the come in front of her but she won't walk or move much other than moving her head! She also has a yellow spot inside her mouth toward the back on the top. Please help me figure out what is wrong with her :(
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    I'm sorry this is happening. There are any number of conditions that could be the cause. Here is just one resource to check through:

    The yellow spot could be a secondary thing, for example, some sort of infection already in her body or developing because her system is weakened.
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    I would put Vita Sol liquid vitamins plus organic apple cider vinegar in the water also with a little sugar water. Use an eye dropper. Go and feed her protein protein and more proteins. Eggs, chopped up chicken breast put flax seed in some cottage cheese. I would also take a stool sample to a vet that is dependable if the chicken is a household pet or means anything to you. The vet will put you on the right track to a healthy recovery.

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