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    Apr 13, 2012
    My Americana hen is not doing too well. I have not seen her eat any seed, but she did eat a little bit of an apple i gave her. Her tail is sagging and she has these white bumps with what looks like scabs on her comb. I did not think theses were from my other 4 hens because she doesnt get picked on. She also closes her eyes a lot, an seems as if she doesnt have good balance when, which isnt very often, she walks around. Please help me, she is like a child to me.

    Do you know of anything that might be causing her to be like this? And if so, what can i do to get her back to health?
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    Jan 17, 2013
    What exactly are her symptoms? How is her breathing? Any mucus or coughing? Any sneezing? Is her crop emptying as it should? How Is her stool? Does She seem puffed up and sleepy? What exactly do you mean by white bumps can you post a picture? Please look listen and feel for any clues that could help with diagnosis. I know this is a lot of questions but each question can lead to a specific diagnosis. Is She very sleepy and lethargic? Are The white bumps scabs? Have you looked into her mouth to see if there is any yellow pus or growth? If she is not eating or drinking you might consider tube feeding her. You Can find exact instructions for this by searching up tube feeding in the search box. In a punch you can use clean fish air hose tubing as the tube. You Will need to get that and a syringe and some food that will flow freely and ofter nutrition for her. I use a food called exact by Kay tee. It offers omega and proboscis and flows freely in the tube.if she is not eating I highly recommend tube feeding her. This Will help her from starving and dehydration. As for the exact nature of her illness I would need more clues to help. Can You answer the questions and elaborate on her behavior please. It's hard to diagnose without seeing the bird so as much information you can provide in detail will be helpful. Please elaborate on her behavior and with some clues hopefully we can figure out how to correctly treat her. I hope this helps and wish you the best. Also a picture of the lumps or scabs in question would be helpful.
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    My leghorn has white bumps on her comb tips from frostbite. Can you post a picture so others can see what these bumps are on your hen?

    If you haven't already I would do a beak to tail exam on her to smell, see, feel for any problems. smell for odor from her beak, look for runny eyes, plugged or bubbly nose, color of mouth interior normal, any sign of anything in mouth or throat. Check for mites, lice from head to tail. Her crop is it empty, swollen, full, squishy, hard. Legs are the scales flat, upraised edges, bruising. Feather condition, normal, scraggly, broken, missing, build up or things at feather base. Breathing normal, sounds from chest or nasal, wheezing, labored, whistling sound. Abdomen normal firm, hard, squishy. Can you feel an egg. Vent does it smell, matted feathers, any discharge from the vent?

    Overall appearance like you said her tail is down, movement normal or just squatting not moving? Things I would check for would be pictures of the spots you see to what others have posted in forums. I would also ck to see if she has a vent, egg problem give calcium and a bath if dirty vent and examine again. There are so many things it could be.

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