Sick Chicken?

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5 Years
Jun 26, 2014
I have a 5-6 month old Silver Laced Wyandotte, she isn't laying yet. She has a swollen upper eye lid on one side and is acting somewhat lethargic but is still eating. The the other girls aren't pecking at her. She is still eating and drinking but walks around very slow and her body almost goes limp when I pick her up. She is also confiding to the darkest corner of the coop under the nesting boxes. Any advice here? Should I separate her? Thanks everybody
I am the harperfarmer. I have never written anything before. I hope this is a good place to ask questions on a sick chicken. I have a hen with a "prolapsed oviduct" I have done as the books say to push back in the prolapse twice and still won't stay in. Someone suggested PreparationH and I bought some but haven't used it yet. This problem started a couple of weeks ago. She seems fine, eats, drinks, I have isolated her, and fed less protein, more veggies, fruits, anymore ideas??!!??! thanks for reading this. hope you get this
Is there discharge in her eye? Whenever my chicken gets sick with anything I give her sulmet as a reprocaution it's a antibacterial solution that I think is good to use to start out with. It's really good she is eating and drinking
Thank you for the response. She is still eating and drinking..I have added electrolytes and an antibiotic to the whole flock's water. She has been back in the group for the last couple of days. The other birds don't seem to bother her. Her oviduct is still prolapsed outside of her. I have tried to put it back gently, and with the use of preparation H. Doesn't seem to want to stay in. I have heard that she may need a stitch or two to keep it in. Do I need a Special Chicken Vet for this?!?!?!? Where would I look. What about $$$$. I can't tell if she is in pain --her behavior seems good. Thanks again for reading and responding. "Harperfarmer"
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