Sick chicken

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5 Years
Jul 21, 2014
So my 1.5 year old hen is sick Im pretty sure. She is keeping to herself and is not interested in food and she does not act like herself. Last night she seemed to be drinking lots of water and today her poop is basically water. I put some apple cider vinegar in the water. Yesterday my Mom said she was acting herself but then she ate a large peice of bread and just kept to herself and sat around. Any thing helps thanks!
You might want to feel for a stuck egg inside her vent (use a rubber glove.) Is she close to her first big molt? That can really make them feel bad. Is she still laying? Has she been wormed recently?
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Sometimes mine don't feel well before and after laying an egg. If I find one acting that way I de-worm them with Safeguard at 0.23ml per pound for 5 days and give them some calcium orally for a few days.

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